DentalXP ONLINE Implant Fellowship Program

The Dentalxp Online Fellowship Program is the direct product of the evolution in dental education that has transpired over the last 25 years. The paradigm shift created by osseointegrated implant therapy, along with enhanced esthetic expectations placed on dental practitioners by their patients, spawned an unprecedented demand for access to advanced training in these areas. The additional demand of keeping up with the seemingly constant increase in the pace of new biological products and technology coming to market required educators to look for novel methods to disseminate information and share experiences with practicing clinicians in a more timely and efficient manner.

DentalXP was established in 2005 by Drs. Maurice Salama, Henry Salama, David Garber and Ronald Goldstein (Team Atlanta), for the purpose of providing a web-based forum for the international dental community to share clinical experience, access information on new techniques and products, as well as gain quality continuing dental education (CDE) in the fields of esthetics, implants and reconstructive therapy. Now in its12th year, Dentalxp has over 130,000 global members and continues to evolve to meet the demands of the dental community for a more formal, yet easily accessible, post-graduate educational certification in implant dentistry. Toward that goal, Dr. Maurice Salama, Dentalxp’s Director of Continuing Education, has endeavored to bring together leading international educators and clinicians to create a unique Online Fellowship Program in Implant Dentistry.

The ONLINE Fellowship Program is a comprehensive fellowship in oral implantology. The program consists of 9 sessions and broken down in modules . The content is intended to provide clinicians with state-of-the-art information as well as practical surgical and prosthetic instruction that they can implement immediately in their practice. The 9 sessions are strategically designed and consist of a total of 150+ combined hours of online lectures and surgical videos. After each session, participants are required to pass a competency examination allowing them to progress to the next session. Designing the Fellowship Program to be completely available online allows for a more efficient and financially accessible educational experience. Thereby, allowing clinicians to maintain their practice while meeting the requirements of the program at their own convenience.

The Hands-on Clinical Master’s Program. This unique certification program consists of 60 hours of hands-on training. To make completion of the course requirements most efficient, Participants can complete the program in one consecutive week"s time if so desired. Twice a year, the Clinical Master’s Week Events are scheduled in the USA. Participants are also given the flexibility of completing the courses individually at any combination of Dentalxp recognized accredited training centers located around the globe. Direct instruction by internationally recognized educators and clinicians in the most critical surgical and prosthetic techniques aimed at enabling clinicians to provide the highest level of implant therapy on a daily basis. Our goal is to give our members the flexibility of choosing among our many internationally recognized learning centers thereby creating the most convenient, efficient, and cost effective platform available to achieve their goals of advanced formal training in implant therapy.

The combined curriculum of the Online Fellowship and Hands-on Master’s program is inclusive of the biomedical sciences related to implant dentistry as well as clinical implant education.

Together, the educational experience is intended to provide clinicians with the comprehensive knowledge base that will both improve their foundational clinical skills as well as enrich their practice and allow them to more confidently perform successful and predictable implant therapy.

Dentalxp’s Mission is to create Experts in the Dental profession thru Continuing Education provided by a Global Expert Faculty that is accessible and willing to share their knowledge. Those Participants who successfully complete the Fellowship & Clinical Master’s Program can pursue their journey to Accreditation & Certification at the ADE (Academy of Dental Experts).

To achieve the Expert Accreditation, Participants will need to complete a LIVE Patient Residency Course while being observed and guided by the Dentalxp Expert Faculty Proctors, and submitting a case presentation for review by the ADE Scientific Board.